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Friday, 21st July 2017
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The Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon at N. Grand Ave. / Ritchie St. has been in use now since Nov. 22, 2016, when the signal was turned on.  The HAWK Pedestrian Beacon, also known as a HAWK signal, is a new kind of signal designed to help pedestrians’ cross busy streets without the adverse impacts of a traditional traffic signal.  While different in appearance to the driver and the pedestrian, this signal works the same as any pedestrian activated traffic signal.  Pedestrians need to simply push the button and wait for the WALK signal to appear.  It may take several seconds for the signal to change, depending on the time of day.  Like any traffic signal, be sure that approaching vehicular traffic has stopped before you enter the crosswalk.  Vehicle traffic will see different signal indications throughout the signal sequence, and must react accordingly. 

For further information, please open this link which further explains how the signal works.



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