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Written by Jensen, Michol Ann
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There are many things that make Pullman a great place to live and one of those positives is our diversity.  We have residents from all over the world in our community bringing different perspectives and enhancing our cultural awareness.

Back in 2012, Mayor Glenn Johnson was approached by some WSU senior and graduate students in Architecture who sought his advice for a project over which teams of Architectural students could compete--a project that could possibility benefit the city.  Mayor Johnson said he would like to see a Welcome Park on Davis Way where the old Burgerville and Daily Grind buildings had been located.  He mentioned that he saw a sign in war torn Croatia that had the word “Welcome” in a variety of languages and would like to see something similar in Pullman.  With that as a start, three teams competed and came up with designs.  The winning team received a cash prize from the Mayor.

The city of Pullman, with additional donations from WSU International Programs, Schweitzer Engineering, the Chamber of Commerce, and others, hopes to construct a landscaped Welcome Wayside along NW Davis Way--the focus being a large multi-faceted sign saying “Welcome” in 60 different languages, 30 on each side of the structure. The design is complete, the languages have been verified, and we are waiting for a few more donations to come in before we go to bid in hopefully March or April. This Wayside, with multi-lingual welcome sign, has had a few setbacks (Including last year’s bid attempt in which we received only one bid which was considerably higher than expected), but we are anticipating the project’s realization this year.

If you would like more information on this project and/or would like to donate, please contact Mayor Glenn Johnson at 509-338-3316 or by email.