Best place to raise your kids

Last Updated on Monday, 03 February 2014 15:15

best place to raise your kids

 The December 14, 2010, issue of Bloomberg Businessweek ( ranked Pullman for 2011 the best place to raise your kids in the state of Washington. The runner-up was West Richland.

The fifth annual rankings focused on small cities, towns and villages with populations larger than the median for the state but no greater than 50,000.

With schools of paramount importance to young families, the report cited Pullman High School as "highly regarded...its WASL scores average among the highest in the state."

The study considered only places where the median family income in 2009 was within 20 percent of the state median. According to the online article America's Best, Affordable Places to Raise Kids, "We emphasized a community's number of schools, school performance, cost of living, and crime statistics. We also accounted for factors such as job growth, air quality, ethnic diversity, and access to the surrounding county's parks, zoos, theaters, and other recreational facilities."