A 'walk-to-work' community

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 12:46

Pedestrian bridges and paths photo

 At the end of 2007, Pullman ranked No. 10 nationwide among "walk-to-work" communities of more than 20,000 residents by streetsblog.org. According to the Bikes at Work database, 22.53 percent of Pullman residents walk to their destinations each day. The blog, which covers the livable streets movement, asked the question "What makes a place walkable?" In part it seems to be an institutional presence, such as a university, combined with a pre-auto urban design.

According to the future vision portion of the city's comprehensive plan, by the year 2020, Pullman community members hope to be able to say that...

"basic commercial services, transit stops, and parks are all located within walking distance of each residence, and a network of sidewalks and bicycle trails ensures that residents can reach services without getting into their cars."

The more than 8 miles of city pathways and trails that residents can now enjoy contribute to realizing that vision.