Welcome to the neighborhood!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 12:16

Show pride of place by keeping both your residence and neighborhood clean. Those who live around you will appreciate your efforts. Trash pickup, recycling, junk accumulation and littering are addressed in Pullman City Code Chapters 5.01, 5.40 and 5.45. Call Pullman Disposal at 334-1914 to set up required trash collection. Too much stuff? Donate to thrift shops. For complaints, call the community improvement representative at 338-3300.

Be a good neighbor by getting to know yours. Wave, exchange numbers, host a potluck or participate in a neighborhood event.

Be considerate of your neighbors with your parties, music or other noise. Loud noise from sound systems, televisions, amplified musical instruments, construction equipment, etc. is regulated 24/7 as a nuisance. See Pullman City Code Chapters 5.05 and 8.80 for regulations. Citizens can initiate the enforcement process by calling 332-2521 or can call the police operations commander at 334-0802 for information.

Protect your pets. To safeguard your four-legged companions, the city licenses dogs and cats and requires vaccinations. For information regarding animals, see Pullman City Code Title 9 or call Code Enforcement at 334-0802.  To reclaim lost pets or to adopt animals, call Whitman County Humane Society at 332-3422.  

Park it. Parking in Pullman is easier said than done because space is limited throughout the city, and particularly near the WSU campus. Restrictions are in place for resident safety to allow undeterred emergency vehicle access, and to be fair to those who need to park on city streets.  City regulations are consistent with those in effect for the rest of the state. Additional regulations include required permits and posted time limits. For questions, call code enforcement at 334-0802. For complaints call 332-2521. For WSU parking rules, call 335-PARK.

Move it. So that you, your friends and neighbors can safely use the sidewalks throughout the year, do your part to clear them of debris, overhanging vegetation, snow and ice. For information, see Pullman City Code Chapter 11.50, or call the community improvement representative at 338-3300.