Park Shelters

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 December 2014 12:00

You may reserve a park shelter by clicking here, calling 509-338-3227, or by stopping by the office at 240 SE Dexter. Reservations are made at Kruegel Park, McGee Park, Reaney Park, Sunnyside Park, and Terreview Park, in four hour time blocks (of your choice), with a maximum of 3 reservation per park, per day. Other city locations must apply for a special event permit. Special Event Brochure

You will need to apply for a Special Event permit anytime you reserve or use a park, green space, trail, any other city property location where more than 150 people are to gather and all events at High Street Mall, Pine Street Plaza, and the city trail system. A permit is required for any event that will be using a sound system, putting up tents,using a bounce house or other inflatables, or anything outside of general facility usage. Applications may take up to 14 day to process, before a special event permit can be issued. So we ask you to apply as soon as you can. Thank you. Special Event Application

The city does not rent bounce house or other inflatables. If you rent one from a vendor you must fill out a special event application, and provide proof of liability insurance for usage on city property. If you plan to rent this type of equipment, please ask the rental company if they have current, acceptable insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 on file with the City of Pullman, Parks and Recreation Department. If they do NOT, their equipment cannot be placed in our facilities unless you provide proof of liability insurance for the event, naming the City of Pullman as a second on the insurance policy. The rental company can call and ask us for information on insurance requirements and information for their insurance agent. You will need to provide a plan on how you will monitor the use of the equipment? Attach a copy of your monitoring plan. (Equiment must be monitored at all times). When all conditions are met a Special Event Permit will be issued.