Standards & Specifications

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 October 2016 09:26
We make every effort to keep the information on this site current. However, always check with City Public Works staff before you start a project to ensure you are using the most current standards & specifications.


Pullman’s Design Standards

Design Standards - 2012 Edition

Section E – Erosion Control

Section F – Storm & Surface Water Drainage


Pullman’s Standard Construction Specifications

Standard Construction Specifications - 2016 Edition

In addition to the above documents, Pullman has adopted the Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge, and Municipal Construction produced by WA State Dept. of Transportation. The most current version can be viewed at WSDOT’s website below.


Additional Information:


·Contractors/engineers needing topographic maps with contours can access them on the City’s website (Departments / Public Works / City Maps / Aerial Maps).


·All new construction over an acre in size (or parcels that are smaller but are a part of a larger development) falls under the WA Dept. of Ecology’s Construction Stormwater General Permit and must have a SWPPP developed and regular CESCL inspections.  A guide to meeting the requirements of the General Permit can be found at