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Why we want to know

The city of Pullman as an organization strives to perform its services to the community in the best manner possible. One important responsibility is to be accountable to the citizens of Pullman. We want to know how you think we are doing.

What we want to know

Compliments and Commendations:

 Often, people fail to acknowledge the positive and only make complaints or voice criticisms. The city of Pullman, as an organization of persons serving you, attempts to overcome this result by encouraging our supervisors to give their subordinates positive feedback when appropriate. You can be a big help to us in this effort. We believe positive encouragement can motivate people to strive harder to do a better job.
Inquiries or Clarifications:
Sometimes citizens do not understand why city of Pullman employees take a particular course of action in a given situation, follow certain procedures, or don't perform certain tasks. Rather than have citizen angry in such a situation, we would like for you to express these concerns to us so that we may explain the reasons for a particular action.

Without this interaction, unjustified negative impressions can sometimes be formed. Your input will also help us in our efforts to do a better job of serving the citizens of Pullman as we constantly question ourselves on how to do so.
Complaints and Allegations:
City of Pullman employees make mistakes as all humans do. We believe that no matter how hard we try, the services we provide to the public can be improved and constructive criticism can be contribute to such improvement. We also feel that serious concerns must be identified and addressed in order to prevent future reoccurrences.
How feedback is processed
One of the worst things an organization can do is to request input and then ignore it. If your feedback is positive, we will make sure that the appropriate individuals receive positive reinforcement. If your feedback is negative, we assure you that your complaint will be investigated and hopefully resolved to your satisfaction.
How feedback providers are treated
At times, people are reluctant to provide feedback because of the way they think they will be treated. The following organizational affirmations (goals) adopted by the city of Pullman reflect our commitment to fair treatment:

Employees of the city of Pullman treat members of the public with dignity and respect.

Individuals having complaints or criticism are always accorded fair and impartial consideration.

The taxpayer's dollar is always given the highest consideration and every aspect of the city's operation is under constant scrutiny to ensure that needed services are provided to the public in the most efficient and cost-effective method possible.
How to provide feedback


In fairness to all concerned, we would prefer that feedback be provided in writing rather than us trying to respond to rumor, innuendo, etc. It is difficult to respond to feedback that is not in writing. We recommend that you use the  Feedback Form to submit your feedback.

However, you may provide us with your feedback by either calling the city or visiting in person with the appropriate city official.