Professional Development and Training

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Pullman Fire Department
Professional Development & Training Division

The professional development and training division is a critical element of the fire department. This division is responsible for the career development, training, education and certification of fire personnel. It is through proper training techniques, conferences, regionally and nationally accredited programs that we strive to develop our personnel and provide quality customer service to our citizens.

 Training Photos

 National Fire Academy Training

The National Fire Academy provides state of the art training in areas such as fireground tactics, leadership, hazardous materials, and many other types of training. The classes are provided at no cost to the department, the academy reimburses the airfare, and the only expense to the department is the students meal card. On average, Pullman Fire is able to send approximately 6-8 personnel per year to this training. However, this number can flutuate since the admissions process is competitive.

National Fire Academy Managing Officer Credentialing Program

The Pullman Fire Department is currently participating in the National Fire Academy's Managing Officer Program. This professional development program is offered to fire service officers at no cost to their respective departments. The program enhances the officers leadership skills and helps them develop strategic decision making. 

We would like to congratulate Lieutenant Andrew Chiavaras on his completion of the Managing Officer program. This program has many facets, encompasses many research papers, taking many hours for each candidate to complete. The department currently has three other personnel Captain Mark Johnson, Lieutenant Chris Volk, and Firefighter Chuck Caessens who will be completing the program in 2018.

Monthly Training

The Washington Survey and Rating Bureau requires that each member train a certain number of hours each month according to the accreditations they hold. Click the link below to see what your Pullman Firefighters are training on this month.

Feburary Training Calendar - Website