Microsoft Imagine Academy

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 September 2016 15:13

Microsoft Imagine Academy

Microsoft Imagine Academy is a program that provides libraries and their patrons FREE access to Microsoft’s online courseware for technology training. Courses cover a variety of Microsoft products and skill levels - ranging from beginner users to advanced technical courses that qualify for Microsoft Certification testing.

For Very Beginners

Microsoft's Digital Literacy has easy multimedia courses on computer basics, the Internet, and online safety - no sign-in required.


Improve Your Computer Skills with Imagine Academy:

To improve your skills with Microsoft Office products or learn more advanced technical expertise, follow the instructions in order to access Imagine Academy:


Step 1: Before you can start using Imagine academy you’ll need gather some information and set up some accounts in this order:



Step 2: Where will you be taking the courses?



Step 3: Returning users to the Imagine Academy


After completing the registration steps you can access the Imagine Academy here to take courses you’ll just need your Microsoft ID and password from this point forward. Additional courses are under the “Browse” tab once you’ve logged in.