Reaney Park

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690 NE Reaney Way


Reaney Park playground

Reaney 1 

(1.64 acres) In 1910 Reaney Park was the site of a roller rink and livery stable for W.S.U. students.  The city purchased the park site from Albert and Phebe Reaney in 1914. The bandstand was constructed and native buckeye trees planted in 1915.  As more land was purchased the first swimming pool was built (1917). In the 1940’s the park even included a small golf area. Reaney Park is the home of the National Lentil Festival and the Reaney Park Concert Series on summer evenings.  Our community’s only outdoor pools are located at the west end of the park and an extensive playground area wraps around the park perimeter.


A) Play Apparatus
B) Reany Park Shelter  
C) Horseshoe Pit
D) Play Apparatus

E) Reany Park Pool House
F) Reany Dive Pool
G) Reany Lap Pool

Reaney 2 

Reaney 3

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