Sunnyside Park

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 147 SW Cedar St.

Sunnyside Park pond. Sunnyside 1 
(25 acres) Home of Pullman’s yearly Fourth of July celebration, this expansive park follows the natural terrain of the Palouse. Cradled below grassy knolls are two ponds fed by a waterfall and connected by a babbling creek. Graceful willows dip into the ponds, which are the home to assorted ducks and turtles. In the winter the ponds occasionally freeze over sufficiently to support ice-skating!   Development of Sunnyside Park was completed with the help of I.A.C. funds in 1974. There is a large picnic shelter and BBQ overlooking the ponds and an adjoining children’s playground. Two tennis courts, a little league baseball field, volleyball standards, disc golf course, and trails complete the athletic facilities available. The south side of the park, previously a nursery, is now used for community gardens, which are available for summer rental through the Parks and Recreation office.

A) Restroom 1   
Upper Pond
Lower Pond
Restroom 2
E) Park Shelter   

F) Play Apparatus
Baseball Field
Tennis/Pickleball Court
Community Garden Plots
Disc Golf Course
 Sunnyside 2

Sunnyside 3

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