Comprehensive Plan

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 February 2018 10:08

In March of 1999, the City Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan for the city. Adoption of this plan completed a four-year process of research, citizen surveys, public workshops, and formal public hearings.

The new Comprehensive Plan recognizes the high quality of life we all enjoy in Pullman by proposing the continuation of many successful policies and standards that have served this community well in the past. The plan advocates the maintenance of strong residential neighborhoods that provide for comfortable living and thriving business districts that facilitate economic diversification. It also promotes the plentiful supply of safe and affordable housing, the consistent delivery of cost-effective public services, and the maintenance of an excellent cooperative spirit between the community and WSU. The new plan places particular emphasis on protecting the environment, enhancing community appearance, offering numerous transportation options, and providing parks and open spaces within the city.

In order to implement the provisions of the new Comprehensive Plan, the City Council has approved a number of zoning code amendments in 1999 and 2000.  Other measures will follow as the city acts to fulfill the vision embodied in the Comprehensive Plan.   The city will periodically update this web page to report on progress made in this regard.

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