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Planning Department 

325 SE Paradise St. Pullman, WA 99163

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This chart shows the basic outline for the development review process when the proposal will demand an application that requires a public hearing.


The city is currently engaged in an update of its 1999 Comprehensive Plan, as amended in 2013.  The planning department is coordinating with consultants to gather public input and conduct appropriate research as part of this plan revision.  A draft plan update is scheduled for completion during the fall of 2019, workload permitting.

Technical Memoranda

Progress on the Comprehensive Plan update is being documented in a series of “technical memoranda” that are being produced jointly by the consultant and the planning department.  Once they are properly vetted, these reports will form the basis of the draft plan update.  The memoranda currently available for review are displayed below.  Keep watching this webpage for the release of additional documentation.

Existing Conditions and Future Forecast Technical Memorandum
Land Use Scenarios Technical Memorandum
Transportation Technical Memorandum

Comprehensive Plan Open Houses:

During the week of April 24, 2017, as part of its work in preparing the draft Comprehensive Plan update, the Planning Department conducted a series of open houses to gather public input regarding the formulation of a preferred land use plan for the community.  The material provided at the events is presented below, along with a summary of results from the meetings.

   Alternative Scenario A Map
   Alternative Scenario B Map
   Alternative Scenario C Map
   Scenario Comparison Table
   2017 Open House Results

College Hill Core Design Review Draft Concepts - November 6, 2013

College Hill Core Neighborhood Plan - City Council adopted November 17, 2009

College Hill Neighborhood Study - March 20, 2007

Comprehensive Plan Map

Comprehensive Plan Preliminary Goals and Policies – April 15, 2016

Downtown Historic Property Reconnaissance Survey - part 1
Downtown Historic Property Reconnaissance Survey - part 2
Downtown Historic Property Reconnaissance Survey - part 3
Downtown Historic Property Reconnaissance Survey - part 4

Historic Building Inventory of the Maple Street - Maiden Lane Neighborhood part 1
Historic Building Inventory of the Maple Street - Maiden Lane Neighborhood part 2
Historic Building Inventory of the Maple Street - Maiden Lane Neighborhood part 3
Historic Building Inventory of the Maple Street - Maiden Lane Neighborhood part 4

Pedestrian Bicycle Circulation Plan

Quasi-Judicial Hearings

The Planning Department facilitates the orderly development of the community through the provision of long- and short-term planning services.  The Planning Department develops and administers the city's Comprehensive Plan, which is the community's basic guide to growth and development.  The Comprehensive Plan is implemented through a series of regulations, including the zoning code, subdivision ordinance, critical areas ordinance, state environmental policy act provisions, shorelines master program, and design standards.  New developments proposed to be established in the city are reviewed to ensure that they are compatible with their neighborhoods.   For those projects that may have significant impacts, public hearings are held to discuss the proposed developments, their ramifications, and possible mitigation measures.

The Planning Department is assisted in its efforts by three committees:  the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and Historic Preservation Commission.   The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on all long-range planning matters and certain development applications.  The Board of Adjustment decides upon exceptional land use cases and variances from zoning code provisions.   The Historic Preservation Commission protects historic resources by means of promotion, regulation, and economic incentives.