Field Training Officer Program

Last Updated on Monday, 14 August 2017 12:04


The Pullman Police Department Field Training Program is based on a proven, nationally recognized field training model, the San Jose Model. Police Officer Trainees graduating from the Basic Law Enforcement Academy are assigned to the Field Training Program for further training. The goal of the Field Training Program is to prepare Field Trainee Officers to perform the essential duties of a police officer and to enhance the professionalism of patrol divisions through continuous quality improvement.

The Field Training Program is supervised by the Patrol Commander and a Patrol Sergeant. There are five experienced officer assigned and trained as Field Training Officers.

Pullman Police Department uses a four-phase, 14 week training program. Ideally, the Trainee will spend 4 weeks on each patrol shift, assigned to a different Field Training Officer each shift. After 12 weeks, the Trainee will be reassigned with their original Field Training Officer for a two week evaluation only period.

After successful completion of the Field Training Program, the new officer will be assigned to a patrol shift and will be monitored for the remainder of their probation period.

Additional information about the field training program: