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Pullman Police Department Patrol Car

The Pullman Police Department's patrol division is comprised of:

Patrol officers rotate through three shifts to provide 24-hour coverage for the City of Pullman.

In times of crisis, the Pullman Police Department can request assistance from the Whitman County Sheriff's Office, the Washington State University Police Department, and the Washington State Patrol.

In addition to normal patrol assignments, officers may be assigned to one or more specialized duties, including:

Interested in learning more about what a police officers do? The Pullman Police Department has a Citizen Ride Program for members of the public to ride along with a police officer on one of their shifts.  For more information on the Citizen Ride Program, click here.   

We periodically have employment opportunities for police officers, both entry-level and lateral-transfer positions, as well as reserve officer positions.  For information on current openings, check out the City of Pullman's Human Resources page.