Support Services (Records)

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The Backbone of the Department

The Support Services Department includes our Records I team.  This team is made up of four full time employees and one 4/5-time positions.  They are responsible for answering all incoming calls and greeting the public while ensuring the quality and integrity of data entry.  They are responsible for transcribing police reports, completing data entry of infractions, citations, and accidents as well as updated court dispositions, protection orders, and many other court documents.  They monitor our holding facility and are responsible for the documentation of jail activity while letting officers in and out of the jail area. They post the Daily Activity Log to the department website.  They process applications for concealed pistol licenses and assist local firearm dealers with pistol transfers.  They issue dog licenses and receipt out a variety of transactions including parking permits and paying for parking tickets. 

Our Records II section has two full time employees who take great pride in cross checking all data entry for complete and accurate information.  They are diligent and well versed in the laws pertaining to dissemination to other agencies and the public.   They follow the Washington State Retention Schedules, and help prepare our NIBR’s report that is submitted to the State and FBI.  Our Records II employees have a very demanding time line for responding to all public record requests.  They do all the criminal background checks and work very close with our prosecutor’s office clarifying information.  The Records II will help you with fingerprinting, obtaining a police clearance letter, or inspection your police record (if you have one). Of course they are always on hand to back up the Records I and are expected to fulfill those duties when necessary. 

You will also find Property and Evidence under the wing of Support Services.  Check out our web site for lost and found property.  Rick Peringer is our Property and Evidence custodian.  He brings an expertise to our department that includes 30 years as a commissioned police officer, 15 of those years as a detective.  Rick is extremely detail oriented.  He is responsible for tracking over 6,000 different pieces of property and evidence a year.  Property doesn’t just come in and sit on a shelf.  Rick has to research every piece and route it to a variety of outcomes.  Property and evidence will either be sent to a lab, be destroyed, returned to an owner, sent to an auction site or preserved for court.  Every step is mandated by a law and needs to be documented.  Each law needs to be studied and monitored for revisions or updates.  As a “side job” Rick orders the majority of supplies, uniforms and a variety of equipment.  This is all done with a great sense of humor.

No support team would be complete without an IT guy!  Jerry Cork has been with the Pullman Police Department for over 20 years.  He is absolutely vital to all of our operations.  Jerry Cork has an office and a desk but you better have his cell phone number because he is rarely ever at his desk for long.  Jerry supports over 20 computers at the Police Department alone.  He can also be found at the Dispatch Center and the Fire Department.  Computers do not go down at the Pullman Police Department.  Jerry is very pro-active and maintains all computers on a routine basis.  He makes sure we are up and running at all times.  Jerry is also the house expert in all things electronic such as; copiers, fax machines, printers, cameras, cell phones, digital fingerprint machine, dictation, Evidence on Q, MDT’s, jail video, car video, parking, and of course our radios.  That would be both portable and the ones in the vehicles.  Coffee is always available in Jerry’s office!

Members of the Support Services Department can be contacted by calling (509) 334-0802 or by email by clicking here