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For the most part, graffiti in Pullman is uncommon; however, it is more common than most residents would think.  In 2010, 52 incidents of graffiti were reported to the Pullman Police Department. Most graffiti in Pullman is done by “taggers” and is not gang related, although an occasional gang tag is seen from time to time. 

Examples of graffiti done by "taggers":

Tagger Gaffiti Image 1 Tagger Gaffiti Image 2

Examples of gang-related graffiti:

Gang Graffiti Image 1  Gang Graffiti Image 2

Graffiti is a crime 

Graffiti constitutes the crime of "malicious mischief" under Washington State law and is classified as a gross misdemeanor. 

Property Owners / Graffiti Victims

The City of Pullman has an ordinance requiring a property owner to remove graffiti within a reasonable amount of time or face a civil penalty of $150.  Property owners are encouraged to report graffiti before removing it, so that it can be documented.

Report Graffiti

To report graffiti in the City of Pullman, call the local dispatch center at 509-332-2521.  Please provide information on the address and location of the graffiti (i.e. on a fence, retaining wall, side of a building, etc.), so that the responding officer can locate and document the graffiti in a timely manner. 

Additional Resources:

For questions regarding graffiti, please contact Detective Mike Crow @ 509-334-0802