Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 October 2014 16:36

Do you dread the dark walk to your car after work?
Are you concerned about being the victim of domestic abuse?
Have you ever faked a phone call as an escape from an uncomfortable or dangerous situation?
Are you looking for ways to help keep your friends safe this weekend?


The following mobile apps provide users with safety features that range from sirens
and alarms to virtual "walk me home" support from friends and family.  


Circle of 6 is a free app that helps to prevent violence, before it happens, by allowing the user to quickly contact six close friends when assistance is needed.  Designed for college students, Circle of 6 is the winner of the White House / HHS Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge, and winner of the End Violence @Home Challenge by the Institute of Medicine and Avon Foundation for Women.

The ASPIRE News app is a major development in the realm of domestic violence safety.  The "GO Button" allows the user to send a pre-typed or pre-recorded message to trusted contacts, or even 911.  Upon button activation, the telephone will immediately begin recording audio evidence of the events that transpire.

One Love MyPlan is an anonymous, free application that assists users in determining whether a relationship is unsafe.  Create an action plan and receive access to a trained advocate through a 24/7 live chat function.  

The Watch Over Me app tracks users via GPS for a predefined length of time (5-minute walk to the car, 30-minute jog, 2-hour first date).  If the user fails to check in safely at the end of the watch period, the app automatically requests assistance from their emergency contacts, and provides those contacts with the user's location.

React Mobile allows the user to share his/her location with select contacts.  This app features "follow me" real-time tracking and automatic 911 dialing support, and allows the user to send emergency alerts via a variety of electronic and social media platforms.  

bsafe assists the user in feeling safe through a variety of features, including; instant alerts to select friends/family, safe check-in, fake call simulator, follow-me tracking, and more.

The YWCA Safety Siren allows the user to activate a utility siren, deterring predators and attracting attention.

LifeLine Response offers a personal alarm system, check-in timer, secret alarm code, dropped connection emergency notification, intelligent touch emergency dispatch, and many other great features.  

Shake for Help offers peace of mind to everyone, from young children to the elderly.  This easy-to-use application runs in the background on your device, always ready to activate.  When the user encounters danger, he/she may simply shake the device until it vibrates, launching emergency notifications.


**While the Pullman Police Department does not endorse or specifically recommend the use of 
any mobile app, these programs may assist citizens in enhancing their personal safety.  Users are

encouraged to research the features, limitations. and costs of applications before use.**