Crime Statistics

Last Updated on Friday, 06 October 2017 15:52

These statistics are generated from our Records Database, and are based upon the "Nature" of the Call as it was assigned at our Dispatch Center, WHITCOM. This particular report was chosen because it tends to be stable over time, while reports based upon specific laws and ordinances are subject to change over time.

For example, a crime could be reported to the Dispatch Center as "Suspicious Circumstances". The officer assigned could later determine that it was actually "Malicious Mischief" to a vehicle. During the course of investigation it could be determined that "Car Prowl" and "Theft" occurred as well. Based upon the specifics of the case, the Prosecutor might choose to file charges on the "Theft" charge only, but that could be later plead down to "Trespassing". How such a case would be reported statistically, would depend upon when the report was run, and would only be reported as "Trespassing" when the case had finally reached a conclusion.

Monthly statistics are available for current year. Click on the month below to view associated stats.

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Annual statistics are also available for the following years:

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