Personal Record Inspection

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Q. What If I want to inspect my record at the Pullman Police Department?

The first question we will ask is, “Do you have a record with the Pullman Police Department?” 

If you have never been arrested by and/or received a criminal citation from the Pullman Police Department, then you don’t have an arrest record with our department. The intent of a personal record inspection is to allow individuals access to and the opportunity to review their own criminal history.  If you have reason to believe we don’t have accurate information on file (for example: charges were amended/dismissed), you can request to review what is on your record with our department free of charge.

However, if you were arrested by and/or received a criminal citation from another law enforcement agency, including the WSU Police Department, you cannot review those records at the Pullman Police Department.  To review records with other agencies, you will need to contact the agency that is the custodian of those records. 

Q.  I have a record with the Pullman Police Department.  How do I inspect my record?

To inspect your record with the Pullman Police Department, simply call the Records Department at (509) 334-0802 to set up an appointment with one of our records specialists during normal business hours. 

You can inspect your personal record free of charge.  However, it is just an inspection.  While you will be able to look at and review your record with the Pullman Police Department, you will not be reviewing entire case files, nor will you receive copies of your record.  If, after reviewing your record, you would like copies of your record and/or any affiliated case reports, you will need to submit a public records request for a copy of the police report(s).      

Additional information from the Revised Code of Washington (RCW):

RCW 10.97.080 Inspection of information by subject — Challenges and corrections. 

All criminal justice agencies shall permit an individual who is, or who believes that he or she may be, the subject of a criminal record maintained by that agency, to appear in person during normal business hours of that criminal justice agency and request to see the criminal history record information held by that agency pertaining to the individual.

The individual's right to access and review of criminal history record information shall not extend to data contained in intelligence, investigative, or other related files, and shall not be construed to include any information other than that defined as criminal history record information by this chapter.

Every criminal justice agency shall adopt rules and make available forms to facilitate the inspection and review of criminal history record information by the subjects thereof, which rules may include requirements for identification, the establishment of reasonable periods of time to be allowed an individual to examine the record, and for assistance by an individual's counsel, interpreter, or other appropriate persons.

No person shall be allowed to retain or mechanically reproduce any non-conviction data except for the purpose of challenge or correction when the person who is the subject of the record asserts the belief in writing that the information regarding such person is inaccurate or incomplete. The provisions of chapter 42.56 RCW shall not be construed to require or authorize copying of non-conviction data for any other purpose.

The Washington State Patrol shall establish rules for the challenge of records which an individual declares to be inaccurate or incomplete, and for the resolution of any disputes between individuals and criminal justice agencies pertaining to the accuracy and completeness of criminal history record information. The Washington state patrol shall also adopt rules for the correction of criminal history record information and the dissemination of corrected information to agencies and persons to whom inaccurate or incomplete information was previously disseminated. Such rules may establish time limitations of not less than ninety days upon the requirement for disseminating corrected information.

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