Residential Parking

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Restricted Residential Parking Permits

Permits Required

A motor vehicle may be parked on a street located within a restricted residential parking area during the hours and on the days established for that area if a valid residential or visitor permit is properly displayed.  Clearly marked commercial and business vehicles are excluded from the permit requirement.


Map of Zone A

NE Garfield St.

NE Howard St.

NE Indiana St.

NE Michigan St.

Map of Zone B

NE Alfred Lane

NE Duncan Lane

NE Creston Lane

Map of Zone C

NE Juniper Way

NE Landis Place

Map of Zone E

NE Upper Drive

NE Lyebecker Rd


Eligibility / Application

Only a resident in the restricted residential parking area can apply for a permit.  Applications are only done at the police department.  A resident must provide the following when applying for a permit:

  1. A current vehicle registration for each vehicle to be parked in the permit area.
  2. A lease agreement/landlord-tenant agreement or a current utility bill showing the applicant name and address located in the permit area.
  3. Picture identification.

Not more than one (1) residential parking permit and one (1) visitor permit will be issued to each address in the permit area. 

Any person who owns or controls a vehicle which has one or more unpaid parking infractions issued by the City of Pullman are not eligible to apply for a permit until the infractions have been paid or adjudicated.

Zone Permit Requirement Times

Visitor Permits

One (1) visitor permit is issued per residence.  Up to three (3) temporary visitor permits are available free of charge to residents in Zone A only that have already purchased the annual permits.  The temporary permits are valid from 5:00 pm to midnight each day. 

Permit Fees

Parking Availability

The issuance of a residential, visitor, or temporary parking permit does not guarantee that there will be a parking space available.

Permit Expiration

Residential and visitor permits expire on July 31st of each calendar year.  Parking permit fees are non-refundable and will not be pro-rated.


It is unlawful to;

  1. Park a motor vehicle in a restricted area during the hours and on the days posted without a valid permit properly displayed in the vehicle.
  2. Attempt to display a parking permit from another restricted residential parking area.
  3. Display an altered, forged, expired, or stolen permit.

For more information on parking in Pullman, please visit our frequently asked questions page. 

Still have questions or concerns?  You can also contact the Pullman Police Department at (509) 334-0802 or by email by clicking here.