The 4th of July and DUI

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July 2, 2012
Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police
Pullman Police Department
(509) 334-0802

The 4th of July and DUI

PULLMAN – As we prepare for summer and the July 4th holiday, remember that celebrations that involve alcohol sometimes results in drunk drivers on our roads.  So, after backyard parties, barbeques, picnics, a day at the river or an evening at the bar, don't drive if you have been drinking.  Choose your ride!  Take a taxi, designate a sober driver or call a sober friend.  Don't end up in the back of a police vehicle on your way to a night in jail!

DUI patrols will be held July 4th and 5th.  The purpose of the patrols is to take the impaired driver off the roadways and make the 4th of July weekend a safe family event for all involved.  The patrols are funded by a grant from Washington Traffic Safety Commission and supported by the Spokane County Target Zero Task Force.  The Pullman Police Department, Whitman County Sheriff's Office, WSU Police Department, Colfax Police Department, and the Washington State Patrol will be participating in the extra emphasis patrols.

In Whitman County, 36% (14 of 39) of all traffic deaths from 2006 through 2010 involved an alcohol or drug impaired motor vehicle driver.  Who dies in impaired driver-involved crashes?  More than half of those who died in crashes involving an impaired driver were ages 21-30.

The goal of this Summertime DUI Patrol is to have a fatal free, family safe summer.  This goal will be attainable by all the agencies working together and by citizens remembering that if they drink they don't drive.  If you drive impaired, your ride may well be a police car taking you to jail.

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