Warner Assault Investigation Concluded

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May 14, 2013
Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police
Pullman Police Department
(509) 334-0802

Warner Assault Investigation Concluded

PULLMAN – Pullman Police Department detectives have completed their investigation of the David Warner assault that occurred on March 30, 2013.  A total of four suspects had been identified and arrested: Madeline A. Fouts, Joshua W. Nantz, John "Matt" Cabanos-Soriano, and Robert D. Bean.

On May 9, 2013 at about 3:50 pm, Lawrence John McDonald (03/17/82), a Pullman resident, was arrested at the Pullman Police Department after being re-interviewed by investigators.  He was arrested for Attempted Assault 4th Degree (against Bean) and Disorderly Conduct, and was subsequently released since the charges are misdemeanors.

Detectives interviewed witnesses, reviewed Adams Mall video, served search warrants for suspects' cell phone records, and interviewed victim David Warner.  Mr. Warner was not able to provide any specific details of the event that resulted in his injury.

The investigation revealed the following events:  David Warner was accompanied by Lawrence McDonald and a third subject and had all been drinking at two taverns prior to walking to Adams Mall.  The third subject walked to get food at a nearby food vendor as Warner and McDonald waited in the parking lot at the northwest corner of the Adams Mall building.  Witnesses reported that McDonald was verbally harassing random individuals in the parking lot and was characterized as challenging others to fight him.

Fouts, Nantz, Soriano, and Bean are all acquaintances and had been drinking at Stubblefield's in Adams Mall.  When Fouts exited Adams Mall, she walked by McDonald who, according to Fouts and other witnesses, made an "insulting comment" toward her.  Nantz, Soriano, and Bean exited Adams Mall and, as they walked past McDonald to meet up with Fouts in the parking lot, witnesses said that McDonald made a similar comment to Bean.  Witnesses described Warner's actions as trying to calm down McDonald.

Words were exchanged between McDonald and the group of Fouts, Nantz, Soriano, and Bean.  Fouts walked toward McDonald and Warner while Nantz, Soriano, and Bean followed Fouts.  The group suggested to Warner that he take McDonald home as the group essentially surrounded McDonald and Warner, while Warner attempted to physically hold McDonald from advancing toward the group.  McDonald advanced toward Bean and Fouts and threw a punch at Bean.  Soriano and Nantz moved toward McDonald as Warner tried to move in between them and all four fell to the ground during a scuffle.  Investigators are awaiting medical reports to determine if Warner received his injuries from hitting his head during the fall or from a blow to the head from a suspect, or both.  Fouts physically grabbed Bean and pulled him from the area of the scuffle and initiated the suspects' flight from the scene.  Fouts later lied to investigators about her knowledge of the assault and other suspects during an initial interview.

McDonald suffered minor injuries and was the victim of an Assault 4th Degree due to the participation of Nantz, Soriano, and Bean.  In Washington, it is a crime to not summon assistance for a person who suffers substantial bodily harm as the result of a crime.  Fouts, Nantz, Soriano, and Bean never called, or ensured someone called, for assistance for Warner who suffered severe injuries.

Pullman PD investigators are recommending the following charges to the Whitman County Prosecuting Attorney:

Madeline A. Fouts (10/27/91): Rendering Criminal Assistance 1st Degree (Felony), Making a False or Misleading Statement (Misdemeanor), Failing to Summon Assistance (Misdemeanor)

Joshua W. Nantz (02/06/90): Assault 1st Degree (Felony), Assault 4th Degree (Misdemeanor), Failing to Summon Assistance (Misdemeanor)

John "Matt" Cabanos-Soriano (09/07/90): Assault 1st Degree (Felony), Assault 4th Degree (Misdemeanor), Failing to Summon Assistance (Misdemeanor)

Robert D. Bean (06/05/90): Assault 1st Degree (Felony), Assault 4th Degree (Misdemeanor), Failing to Summon Assistance (Misdemeanor)

Lawrence McDonald (03/17/82): Attempted Assault 4th Degree (misdemeanor), Disorderly Conduct (misdemeanor)

The case will now be forwarded to the Whitman County Prosecuting Attorney who will ultimately determine what criminal charges, if any, will be filed.

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