Animal Licensing

Last Updated on Friday, 11 July 2014 09:38

pet license

All dogs residing within the Pullman city limits are required to have a current rabies vaccine, which we track through mandatory dog licensing. A City of Pullman dog license is required for every dog over the age of six months once it has resided within the Pullman city limits for thirty days. Cats are not required to be licensed, but may be voluntarily licensed if the owner desires. Licenses are non-transferrable. If an animal changes ownership, a new license must be purchased.

To purchase a city dog license, come to the Pullman Police Department with paperwork from your veterinarian that lists the spay/neuter status of your pet, and the expiration date of your current rabies vaccination.

Licensing Fees

A lifetime license is good for the entire time you own the animal. You will need to supply proof of a current rabies vaccine at least every three years in order to keep the license “valid” in our files. This update carries no additional cost to the holder of a lifetime license.

The owner of an intact dog must purchase an annual license and provide proof of a current rabies vaccine each year.

A temporary license is issued to an animal owner whose unlicensed animal has been impounded at the Whitman County Humane Society. This license provides the animal owner 30 days to comply with vaccination and licensing requirements before an infraction is issued for those violations.

Keeping your license up to date

Keeping your personal contact information current is a good way to make sure that your pet is returned to you in the event that it escapes from your custody. You may also wish to update your information if you and your dog no longer live within the Pullman city limits, or if you no longer own your dog. To update your contact information or residency status, simply call the Pullman Police Department and provide your new information to the receptionist. To update your license(s), mail a copy of, or fax your certificate of rabies vaccine to the Pullman Police Department along with your name, physical address and phone number. You are also welcome to bring in your paperwork to the Pullman Police Department reception area for updating 24 hours a day.