Building Permit Application

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~The information needed for permit application varies according to the complexity of the project.  Many projects like reroofing, residing, replacement windows and similar work do not involve issues that require plans or plan review.  The building permit can be issued over-the-counter, or on a next-day basis.

~More involved projects, which affect the structural aspects of a house, additions, enlargement the footprint of your home, or new homes, require more information to ensure that all zoning and building code requirements can be met.  The City of Pullman Complete IRC Submittal document is designed to help you put information together in a way which will ensure the most timely plan review possible. 

~Washington has a contractor's registration law requiring any city to verify that the general contractor who will be doing the work is current with the registration requirements.  To fulfill the city's obligations, the general contractor and current registration number must be listed on all building permit applications. 

The only instance in which the city is permitted to issue a building permit without a registered contractor being listed is when the job will be performed by the property owner and a waiver is signed which states that the contractor/property owner understands the contractor registration laws and will not hire unregistered contractors to perform any work. 

Once the permit application is made, allow four to six weeks for plan review.  When the review is complete, the permit will either be approved so that you may start your project, or you will receive a plan-review letter notifying you of areas where the plans do not meet all of the minimum standards.  While no one enjoys being told that their plans require further work, one benefit of the review is that changes can be made during the paper stage of the project, before you have invested time and materials into something that must be changed. 

If you don't understand how to modify the drawings to attain compliance, then call the person who reviewed the plans.  Depending on how involved the correction is, the review can be explained over the phone; however, you can meet in person with the reviewer to go over the corrections.

Permit Checklist

Building Permit Application form

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