Snow and Ice Control Program

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The overall goal of the snow and ice control program is to provide safe access to necessary, life sustaining essential services (such as Pullman Regional Hospital) during ice and/or snow events. It is of utmost importance to focus efforts in the most efficient way that will assist the most citizens. To that end, city crews concentrate initial efforts on primary streets, which are streets that lead to those life sustaining services. It is also recognized that it is of little benefit for primary streets to be passable if other streets leading to the primary streets are impassable. Therefore, as permissible, efforts are extended to transit routes and other non-arterial streets with high volume traffic, many of which are residential streets which is where the majority of the population can be found. Finally, as time and conditions allow all other paved streets, cul-de-sacs, un-paved streets, paved alleys and unpaved alleys that are not designated as primary or secondary streets are plowed. Motorists are strongly urged to use the primary and secondary streets whenever possible to reach their destinations. Motorists are also encouraged to drive slowly, with caution and allow for plenty of stopping distance.

There are many variables that fit into the complicated equation that is snow and ice control. Ultimately the often unpredictable weather is the determining factor for where efforts must be focused. It is possible that if a storm event does not let up the appropriate city staff will determine that additional help may need to be secured and a private contractor might be hired to assist. Because the central business area has no place to store plowed snow without plugging sidewalks or eliminating parking, the first line of attack for this area is to apply liquid deicer to inhibit snow buildup and then solid calcium chloride to facilitate melting of the snow. Complete snow removal takes place in the central business district area typically in conjunction with other non-primary or secondary street plowing and only after all of the primary streets are passable. Removal of snow in the central business district is a delicate operation as there are residents, businesses and pedestrians to take into account. Attempts are made to remove the snow in the central business district, in a manner that takes into account all of these factors. To that end removal of snow from the central business district is usually scheduled for times when the impact would be minimized, such as the early morning hours between midnight and 6 am when traffic flow and pedestrians are minimal.

 List of Primary Streets 

Street From To
Bishop Boulevard Grand Avenue Main Street
Center Street Grand Avenue End
Crestview Street Sunnyside Drive Carolstar Drive
Davis Way Grand Avenue West City Limits
Derby Street Spring Street Professional Mall Boulevard
Fairmount Road Grand Avenue Bishop Boulevard
Grand Avenue North City Limits South City Limits
Hall Drive Stadium Way Extension Larry Street
Harvest Drive Fairmount Road Carolstar Drive / Crestview Street
Kamiaken Street Whitman Street Olsen Street
Klemgard Avenue Bishop Boulevard End
Larry Street Grand Avenue Ventura Drive
Main Street Old Wawawai Road Highway 270 Milepost 4
Merman Drive Westwood Drive Valley Road
Olsen Street Grand Avenue Kamiaken Street
Paradise Street Grand Avenue Main Street
Rocky Way Grand Avenue South Street
Spring Street Main Street Crestview Street
Stadium Way Extension Grand Avenue Ritchie Street
Terre View Drive Prairie View Drive Airport Road
Valley Road Stadium Way Orchard Drive
Old Wawawai Road Davis Way West City Limits
Turner Drive Grand Avenue Dillon Street
Johnson Road South City Limits Bishop Boulevard
Pro Mall Boulevard Bishop Boulevard Derby Street
South Street Rocky Way Spring Street
B Street Stadium Way Colorado Street
Stadium Way Grand Avenue Orchard Drive


  List of Secondary Streets 

Street From To
Bryant Street Darrow Street True Street
Clifford Street Harrison Street Darrow Street
Daisy Street Grand Avenue Mountain View Drive
Daniel Street Paradise Street Spring Street
Darrow Street Clifford Street Bryant Street
Fountain Street Crestview Street Skyline Street
Guy Street Park Street West City Limits
Harrison Street Clifford Street Ritchie Street
High Street Paradise Street South Street
Hillside Drive Wheatland Drive Valley Drive
Janet Street State Street Hall Drive
Mountain View Drive Fountain Street Daisy Street
Northwood Drive Westwood Drive Terre View Drive
Orchard Drive Stadium Way Valley Road
Park Street State Street Guy Street
Ritchie Street Grand Avenue Harrison Street
State Street Center Street Janet Street
True Street Stadium Way Extension Bryant Street
Upper Drive Wheatland Drive Lybecker Street
Westwood Drive Northwood Drive Merman Drive
Wheatland Drive Upper Drive Hillside Street
Dillon Street Turner Drive Terre View Drive

 Pedestrian Pathways, Sidewalks and Parking Lots  

canstockphoto11931544The City of Pullman Parks Department removes snow that accumulates on city-maintained sidewalks, the city-owned trail system and city-owned parking lots. This process starts as soon as the snow begins to accumulate in these areas. The objective with respect to parking lots is to provide and maintain off-street parking in recognition that on-street parking may be reduced during snow events.

  Snow and Ice Control Equipment  

Description Quantity Use
Grader (Driveway Gate) 2 Remove accumulated snow and ice.
Loader (3 yard) 2 Load trucks with solid calcium chloride/sanding aggregate mixture, sanding aggregate or snow. Plow alleys and dead-end streets.
Truck (3 to 5 Yard, Tailgate Sand Spreader, 11’ Plow with Driveway Gate) 5 Plow snow and apply sanding aggregate or solid calcium chloride/sanding aggregate mixture.
Truck (10 to 12 Yard, Liquid De-ice application equipment, V-Box Sand Spreader, 12’ Plow) 1 Plow snow and apply sanding aggregate, solid calcium chloride/sanding aggregate mixture on heavy snow accumulations and thick ice, apply liquid deicer.
Truck (One-Ton, V-Box Sand Spreader, 8’6” Plow) 2 Plow alleys and narrow streets. Apply solid calcium chloride or sanding aggregate.
Truck (One-Ton, Liquid De-ice application equipment) 2 Apply liquid deicer.

  Snow and Ice Control Supplies   

Description Storage Capacity Use
Sanding Aggregate 3,500 yards Applied to streets to help break down heavier snow and/or ice accumulations and provide traction.
Liquid Deicer (Magnesium Chloride with Corrosion Inhibitor) 17,000 gallons Applied to streets to help inhibit ice buildup and to break down black ice.
Calcium Chloride, Solid 60 Tons Applied to streets to help melt heavy snow and ice accumulations.

  Snow and Ice Control Staffing   

Shift Start Date End Date Shift Time Maintenance Workers
Day Shift All Year 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Up to eight depending on conditions.
Morning Shift  When needed, normally in early to mid- November.  Depends on weather, but normally on or before April 15th. 3:00 am to 11:30 am A minimum of two, more if conditions warrant it.
3:00 pm to 11:30 pm