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The objective of the City's Snow and Ice control program is to provide adequate traction for vehicles properly equipped for winter driving conditions. Priority is given to streets which carry the largest traffic volume and access to life sustaining essential services (e.g. Pullman Regional Hospital). Limited resources preclude service on lower priority streets until higher priority streets have been completed.  It can be expected that during storms of high intensity or long duration, drivers on lower priority streets will encounter snow-packed or icy conditions. Snow and ice control operations will continue until all streets have clear pavement, or plowing and sanding aggregate/salting is no longer effective. For questions regarding snow and ice control or other street related issues, please contact City of Pullman Maintenance and Operations Division at (509) 338-3242.



Click on a map below to enlarge the view.

M1. Snow Routes - Sunnyside Hill M1. Snow Routes - Sunnyside Hill
M2. Snow Routes - Military Hill M2. Snow Routes - Military Hill
M3. Snow Routes - College Hill M3. Snow Routes - College Hill
M4. Snow Routes - Pioneer HillM4. Snow Routes - Pioneer Hill
M5. Snow Routes - NE Terre View Drive2017 Snowplow Map-NE TERRE VIEW 11 X 17 thumb
M6. Snow Routes - Airport Road2017 Snowplow Map-AIRPORT 11 X 17 thumb


M7. Snow Routes - Downtown Business District2017 Snowplow Map-BUSINESS DISTRICT thumb


M8. Parking Prohibition - College Hill During WSU Breaks2017 Snowplow Map-BUSINESS DISTRICT thumb


List of Primary Streets

Streets that provided access to necessary life sustaining and/or essential services (e.g. Pullman Regional Hospital). These routes include the main arterial routes throughout the City.

Street From To
Bishop Boulevard Grand Avenue Main Street
Center Street Grand Avenue End
Crestview Street Sunnyside Drive Carolstar Drive
Davis Way Grand Avenue West City Limits
Derby Street Spring Street Professional Mall Boulevard
Fairmount Road Grand Avenue Bishop Boulevard
Grand Avenue North City Limits South City Limits
Hall Drive Stadium Way Extension Larry Street
Harvest Drive Fairmount Road Carolstar Drive / Crestview Street
Kamiaken Street Whitman Street Olsen Street
Klemgard Avenue Bishop Boulevard End
Larry Street Grand Avenue Ventura Drive
Main Street Old Wawawai Road Highway 270 Milepost 4
Merman Drive Westwood Drive Valley Road
Olsen Street Grand Avenue Kamiaken Street
Paradise Street Grand Avenue Main Street
Rocky Way Grand Avenue South Street
Spring Street Main Street Crestview Street
Stadium Way Extension Grand Avenue Ritchie Street
Terre View Drive Prairie View Drive Airport Road
Valley Road Stadium Way Orchard Drive
Old Wawawai Road Davis Way West City Limits
Turner Drive Grand Avenue Dillon Street
Johnson Road South City Limits Bishop Boulevard
Pro Mall Boulevard Bishop Boulevard Derby Street
South Street Rocky Way Spring Street
B Street Stadium Way Colorado Street
Stadium Way Grand Avenue Orchard Drive


List of Secondary Streets

Streets that provide access from residential neighborhoods to the Primary Priority Routes, including Pullman Transit Routes and other high-volume, non-arterial streets.

Street From To
Bryant Street Darrow Street True Street
Clifford Street Harrison Street Darrow Street
Daisy Street Grand Avenue Mountain View Drive
Daniel Street Paradise Street Spring Street
Darrow Street Clifford Street Bryant Street
Fountain Street Crestview Street Skyline Street
Guy Street Park Street West City Limits
Harrison Street Clifford Street Ritchie Street
High Street Paradise Street South Street
Hillside Drive Wheatland Drive Valley Drive
Janet Street State Street Hall Drive
Mountain View Drive Fountain Street Daisy Street
Northwood Drive Westwood Drive Terre View Drive
Orchard Drive Stadium Way Valley Road
Park Street State Street Guy Street
Ritchie Street Grand Avenue Harrison Street
State Street Center Street Janet Street
True Street Stadium Way Extension Bryant Street
Upper Drive Wheatland Drive Lybecker Street
Westwood Drive Northwood Drive Merman Drive
Wheatland Drive Upper Drive Hillside Street
Dillon Street Turner Drive Terre View Drive

List of Private Facilities

Private lanes and private streets are not plowed by the City of Pullman.

Location Map(s)
Bishop Boulevard M1
Bishop Boulevard M1
Summer Fallow Lane M1
Golden Hills Loop M1
Lancer Lane M1
Parkwood Boulevard M1
Glenhaven Drive M1
Park West Drive M1
Capri Court M1
Verona Drive M1
Arrowleaf Lane M1
Snowberry Lane M1
Sagebrush Lane M1
Junegrass Lane M1
Bunchgrass Lane M1
Terrace Estates Manufactured Home Park M1,M4
Maxwell Drive M2,M5
Mosher Drive M2,M5
Footloose Drive M4
Fancy Free Drive M4

 Pedestrian Pathways, Sidewalks and Parking Lots  

canstockphoto11931544The City of Pullman Parks Department removes snow that accumulates on city-maintained sidewalks, the city-owned trail system and city-owned parking lots. This process starts as soon as the snow begins to accumulate in these areas. The objective with respect to parking lots is to provide and maintain off-street parking in recognition that on-street parking may be reduced during snow events.

On-Street Parking

It is dangerous and difficult to plow streets clogged with parked vehicles. Some streets, especially cul- de-sacs, may not be plowed if plows cannot safely drive down them. The most helpful thing residents can do to facilitate snow removal is to park their cars off the street, and encourage others to do the same. To report parking / traffic violations in your neighborhood, please contact City of Pullman Police Department at (509) 334-0802.

College Hill Parking During WSU Breaks

Each winter, the narrow roadways and on-street parking in the College Hill core area (which includes the area South of Stadium Way, East of Grand Avenue, North of Maiden Lane/Oak Street, and West of WSU campus) add to the already difficult job of City of Pullman Maintenance & Operations staff who work to complete seasonal maintenance tasks. As snow, ice, and debris build up, it becomes increasingly difficult to clear narrow roadways, often resulting in streets reduced to a single lane of travel. In some cases, roadways become impassible, restricting access for residents, visitors, and emergency vehicles. These challenges are compounded by the high volume of vehicles present while WSU is in session.

In order to improve City services by facilitating snow, gravel, and leaf removal, Pullman City Council has approved a new ordinance (12.17.010), restricting parking in portions of the College Hill core area during WSU fall, winter, and spring breaks. Parking is now restricted on the following streets between the hours of 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. during WSU breaks:

The City of Pullman and WSU Transportation Services are working together to identify alternate parking options for those who may be impacted by these new restrictions. From December 18, 2017 to January 9, 2018, parking will be available in the gravel BLUE 1 lot across from the South Fairway Intermural Fields. Those who intend to leave a vehicle in this area over the break are asked to notify WSU Transportation Services by sending their name, WSU ID number, license plate number and state, make and color of vehicle, and personal contact information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A permit will not be required during this period.

  Snow and Ice Control Equipment  

Description Quantity Use
Grader (Driveway Gate) 2 Remove accumulated snow and ice.
Loader (3 yard) 2 Load trucks with solid calcium chloride/sanding aggregate mixture, sanding aggregate or snow. Plow alleys and dead-end streets.
Truck (3 to 5 Yard, Tailgate Sand Spreader, 11’ Plow with Driveway Gate) 5 Plow snow and apply sanding aggregate or solid calcium chloride/sanding aggregate mixture.
Truck (10 to 12 Yard, Liquid De-ice application equipment, V-Box Sand Spreader, 12’ Plow) 1 Plow snow and apply sanding aggregate, solid calcium chloride/sanding aggregate mixture on heavy snow accumulations and thick ice, apply liquid deicer.
Truck (One-Ton, V-Box Sand Spreader, 8’6” Plow) 2 Plow alleys and narrow streets. Apply solid calcium chloride or sanding aggregate.
Truck (One-Ton, Liquid De-ice application equipment) 2 Apply liquid deicer.

  Snow and Ice Control Supplies   

Description Storage Capacity Use
Sanding Aggregate 2,700 tons Applied to streets to help break down heavier snow and/or ice accumulations and provide traction.
Road Salt 300 tons Applied directly to streets or mixed with Sanding Aggregate to prevent snow from binding to the roadway or to melt heavy snow and ice accumulations
Sanding Aggregate/Rock Salt Mix 1,000 tons Applied to streets to breakdown ice buildup provide traction and to break down black ice.
Liquid Deicer (Magnesium Chloride with Corrosion Inhibitor) 17,000 gallons Applied to streets to help inhibit ice buildup and to break down black ice.

  Snow and Ice Control Staffing   

Shift Start Date End Date Shift Time Maintenance Workers
Day Shift All Year 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Up to six depending on conditions.
Morning Shift When needed, normally in early to mid- November.  Depends on weather, but normally on or before April 15th. 2:00 am to 10:30 am A minimum of two, more if conditions warrant it.
Mid-Morning Shift 5:30 am pm to 1:30 pm
Night Shift 3:30 pm to Midnight

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