Water Conservation Rebates

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 June 2016 13:38

Toilet Rebate Program - The City’s toilet rebate became effective in 2008.  Since that time Pullman property owners have replaced over 2000 toilets resulting in an estimated annual water savings of 8.4 million gallons of water per year.  In 2015 the City’s toilet rebate program was expanded to include five different types of toilet of toilet rebates including a rebate for new construction.    

Washing Machine Rebates - Owners of multifamily housing facilities that have common area laundry facilities can receive a $200 rebate to replace existing non-efficient washing machines with new Energy Star compliant washing machines. It is a great way to update your older non-efficient washing machine while saving both money and water.

Lawn Removal Credits

Rebate Application - Apply for any of the water conservation rebates offered by the City by submitting a completed Water Conservation Rebate Application to the City of Pullman Finance Department.  The application includes instructions and specific details on the requirements of each of the rebates.  Making sure that you submit the application before any work is done is required.  All of the rebates offered require a pre-inspection as part of the approval process. 

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