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Name:09-27-17 PC Regular Meeting Agenda

1. Conduct simultaneous public hearings to review and recommend action on a proposal to amend the Comprehensive Plan Map designation from Low Density Residential to High Density Residential and revise the zoning classification from R2 Low Density Multi-Family Residential to R3 Medium Density Multi-Family Residential for a parcel of land 57.8 acres in size located on the west side of N Grand Avenue between NW Albion Road and NW Terre View Drive on Military Hill.

2. Conduct a public hearing to review and recommend action on the proposed Sunnyside Heights Addition No. 11 preliminary plat involving the division of 3.1 acres into 12 lots and public streets to be located on the north side of SW Center Street between SW Itani Drive and SW Corral Court on Sunnyside Hill.

3. Select members for a Planning Commission subcommittee to assist in the formulation of city/county zoning regulations to facilitate land use compatibility in the vicinity of the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport.

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