About Pullman Fire


Mission Statement

The Pullman Fire Department is committed to the preservation of life, property and the environment by meeting the public safety and welfare needs of our diverse community, and maintaining the highest standards of professional service through continued training and education.

Vision Statements

We will strive to be role models in the community and leaders in our profession.
We are committed to providing the best public service  through innovative training, education and equipment.
We will strive to be a model of excellence as a Fire Department in Whitman County.
Our future depends on our commitment to shared leadership, employee empowerment, and responsiveness
 to the community.
We will strive to provide assistance beyond the expectations of those we assist and seek effective solutions to problems.
We will strive for personal and professional excellence and exhibit a professional attitude.

Value Statements

We will gain leadership through improvements in educational knowledge and practical experience.
We will strive for forward and progressive improvements in education, training, and service delivery.
We will recognize the importance of balancing individual, family and organizational growth.  We value the creativity
of our people and an innovative spirit that constantly seeks improvement.
Our professional conduct and appearance enhance a valued relationship  with the citizens we serve.
We will actively participate in our community, serve as role models, and strive to effectively and efficiently utilize all of the necessary resources at our command to provide a quality of service deemed excellent by our citizens.
We will value partnerships with other City departments and nonprofit, private, and other governmental agencies  to
bring the community together with those who can best meet their needs.
We will achieve our best results from a team approach emphasizing high levels of trust, respect,  cooperation, and a commitment to excellent communications.