Recreational Fire Pits

Recreational Fire Pit - Commercial
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No Burn Barrel Burning

On November 15, 2017, the Pullman City council, at the request of the Fire Marshal adopted a change in the recreational burning ordinance for the city.

Recreational Fire Requirements

When used for "common cooking," factory manufactured barbecues using charcoal briquettes, natural gas, or propane gas for a fuel source are exempt from these regulations.

In General

1. No garbage, dead animals, asphalt, petroleum products, paint, rubber products, tires, plastics, paper products, plywood, finished lumber, or particle board may be burned.

2. Burn barrels shall not be utilized for burning.

3. If a fire becomes a nuisance, or medical problem, to the neighbors the fire shall be extinguished.

Recreational Fires

1. Fire shall consist of dry seasoned firewood, "Dura-Flame style" logs or charcoal briquettes.

2. Burning of yard waste is not allowed in recreational fire pits. Yard waste consists of tree branches, shrubbery, or wet wood.

3. Recreational/campfires are allowed if built in a metal or concrete lined fire pit like those located in designated campgrounds, local, county, and state parks as well as commercial campgrounds.

4. Fire shall not be within twenty-fire (25) feet of a structure.

5. Fires shall not be within ten (10) feet of an adjoining property line, fence, or deck.

6. Fires shall not exceed three (3) feet in diameter and two (2) feet in height. The depth of the pit shall be a minimum of four (4) inches and capable of containing all burned materials.

7. Fire shall be attended at all times by an alert individual with immediate access to a shovel and a water source. The water source can consist of five (5) gallons of water or a connected and charged water hose.