Comprehensive Plan

In March of 1999, the City Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan for the city. Adoption of this plan completed a six-year process of research, citizen surveys, public workshops, and formal public hearings. The plan was amended by the Council in 2013 to update the Existing Conditions chapter and the Land Use Element.

The Comprehensive Plan recognizes the high quality of life we all enjoy in Pullman by proposing the continuation of many successful policies and standards that have served this community well in the past. The plan advocates the maintenance of strong residential neighborhoods that provide for comfortable living and thriving business districts that facilitate economic diversification. It also promotes the plentiful supply of safe and affordable housing, the consistent delivery of cost-effective public services, and the maintenance of an excellent cooperative spirit between the community and WSU. The plan places particular emphasis on protecting the environment, enhancing community appearance, offering numerous transportation options, and providing parks and open spaces within the city.

In order to implement the provisions of the Comprehensive Plan, the City Council has approved a number of development regulation amendments starting in 2000.  The contents of the Comprehensive Plan are provided in the link below.

Comprehensive Plan Update

The city is currently engaged in an update of its 1999 Comprehensive Plan, as amended in 2013.  The planning department is coordinating with consultants to gather public input and conduct appropriate research as part of this plan revision.  A draft plan update is scheduled for completion during the fall of 2019, workload permitting.

Technical Memoranda

Progress on the Comprehensive Plan update is being documented in a series of “technical memoranda” that are being produced jointly by the consultant and the planning department.  Once they are properly vetted, these reports will form the basis of the draft plan update.  The memoranda currently available for review are displayed below.  Keep watching this webpage for the release of additional documentation.
Existing Conditions and Future Forecast Technical Memorandum
Land Use Scenarios Technical Memorandum
Transportation Technical Memorandum

Comprehensive Plan Open Houses

During the week of April 24, 2017, as part of its work in preparing the draft Comprehensive Plan update, the Planning Department conducted a series of open houses to gather public input regarding the formulation of a preferred land use plan for the community.  The material provided at the events is presented below, along with a summary of results from the meetings. Alternative Scenario A Map
Alternative Scenario B Map
Alternative Scenario C Map
Scenario Comparison Table
2017 Open House Results

Additional Comprehensive Plan Documents

Comprehensive Plan Map Comprehensive Plan Preliminary Goals and Policies - April 15, 2016