Department FAQs

Can I...bring a service animal into the Parks & Rec Facility?
Yes. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses and organizations that serve the public must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals into all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go. This federal law applies to all businesses open to the public, including restaurants, hotels, taxis and shuttles, grocery and department stores, hospitals and medical offices, theaters, health clubs, parks, and zoos.
Can I...bring my own barbecue grill to a city park?
Yes, gas barbecues are preferred over charcoal. Our parks do not have dump sites for charcoal. If you bring your own charcoal grill for barbecuing you are required to remove the used charcoal when you leave the park and dispose of it at a safe dump site. Or you may use one of the grills provided in the parks. Please leave coals in the parks barbecue grill and make sure that the coals are doused and present no fire danger prior to leaving the park.
Can in a city park?
No, city parks are only open from dawn to dusk. The Pullman RV Park, 785 SE South St, has a few tent sites available and are $10.00 per night.
Can I...have alcohol at a city facility?
No. Alcohol is strictly forbidden in City facilities, (City code 5.55.010). Alcohol consumption in a public place) unless proper permits (Washington State Liquor Control Board Banquet Permit) have been obtained and approved by the City of Pullman Mayor. A copy of the permit and Mayor’s approval must be attached to a special event application, with proof of event liability insurance.
Can in a city park?
No, fishing is not allowed in any city park.
Can I...let my dog run in a city park?
No. You may walk a leashed dog in any city park except for Lawson Gardens, Harrison Tot Lot, and all city cemeteries. Please remember, the city has a leash law (city code 9.20.030) in effect which also requires owners to clean up after their pets. While leashed dogs are allowed in most of our parks and picnic areas, please keep them out of children’s play areas and athletic fields.
Can I...pick my youth coach or swim instructor?
Pullman Parks, Facilities & Recreation accepts requests for placement with a specific coach or particular friend. A request must be made at time of registration and will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. Pullman Aquatic & Fitness Center accepts requests for instructors. Request must be made at time of registration; however, we cannot guarantee that instructor requests (including gender) will be honored.
Can I...register a participant for a program even if I/they don't meet the age/grade ranges?
Considerations may be made on an individual basis, please contact the Parks, Facilities & Recreation Office at (509) 338-3227, Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM.
Can I...register for programs if I am not a Pullman resident?
Resident Discount/Sales Tax: The City of Pullman recognizes that people living within Pullman’s city limits support, through the Metropolitan Park District, the City’s Parks & Recreation services. Because of this, the City offers its residents a $2.00 discount on selected recreational programs. All fees listed in the Parks & Recreation Brochure have the applicable sales tax included.
Can I...try a program before registering?
Only fitness programs can be tried out prior to registering. New participants interested in enrolling in a fitness program are allowed to attend a fitness class one time on a trial basis if the program is not full (participant must sign a release form before participating in class). Fitness classes are held at the Pioneer Center. A physical is suggested before enrolling in a fitness class. Minimum age is 12 yrs old. Optional hand weights are provided for all classes. Class fees will be prorated beginning the third week of class for late enrollment. Guests or one time attendees are welcome only for fitness programs held at the Pioneer Center only on a space available basis for $6 per class.
How do I...apply for a scholarship for a recreation program?
There is a "Care-to-Share" program which provides financial assistance to youth through 17 years of age interested in participating in Parks, Facilities & Recreation programs and who reside in the Pullman School District, and Senior Adults 60 years of age and older who reside within the City of Pullman. Care-to-Share is based on a 50% match: one activity enrollment is allowed per person per brochure up to $20 or 1/2 of the activity fee, whichever is less. To be eligible, you must be receiving assistance through one of the following programs: free school lunches, Food Stamps, Income Assistance AFDC/TANF, energy assistance, Medicaid, or subsidized housing. To apply please fill out the Care-to-Share application form at the back of the Parks & Recreation Brochure or fill out here Care to Share and you must provide proof of eligibility at time of the registration. Please allow up to 24 hours for approval. Program availability is not guaranteed until actual enrollment and payment is received and processed.

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How do I...find out about employment/volunteer opportunities with Pullma Parks, Facilities & Recreation?
All employment opportunities for the City of Pullman are found under the Human Resource Department's Career Portal.
How do I...notify someone about a maintenance concern at on of the city parks?
Call Pullman Parks, Facilities & Recreation Department at (509) 338-3227 between 8:00AM - 5:00PM, Monday – Friday or report your concern by emailing us here.

For emergencies or when our office is closed, contact the Pullman Police Department by calling 911 or the 24-hour non-emergency number at (509) 332-2521.
How do I...schedule use of a sports field or gymnasium?
Call Pullman Parks, Facilities, & Recreation Dept at (509) 338-3227 to request use of a sports field or Sunnyside school gymnasium. Know that there is limited availability for fields or gymnasiums as our program use takes precedents over a rental.