Balancing Life

Balancing Life
Posted on 01/25/2020
road signs of lifeMy to-do list keeps expanding, the unread emails in my in-box are multiplying faster than breeding rabbits, and I ran out of sticky notes a long time ago. My New Year’s resolution to find a better life balance has already been revised twice and broken down into smaller, more achievable goals. I found new white hairs and wrinkles the other day. The older I get, the faster life seems to pass and the more there is to do and the more elusive balance feels. I shudder to think what Franklin Covey would have to say if only I had the time to talk with him.

Life wasn’t always like this. When I was a child I had the luxury of never needing to track time. I played outside until the sun set then I moved inside and played some more. As a high school student and then later as a college graduate, time was still on my side. The possibilities were endless and I had an open road map. I was only responsible for myself and life was simple and unstructured.

Today I have a wonderful family and a job I love. I am curious about everything and draw energy from new opportunities and human connections. My life is not simple and I find comfort in a structured routine. Upon reflection, the tipping out of balance was so gradual it was hardly noticed and completely manageable. Then, one day I released I lost my keys on a regular basis and “fending for yourself” was how I called my family to dinner.

I just returned from a trip to northern California. I went there to surround myself with nature as this has always been a source of peace for me. I walked silently among the giant redwoods and gazed in awe at their majesty. I strolled along beaches, letting sand run between my toes and swirl around my ankles. I raised my face to the rain and drank in its sweet fragrance. I could literally feel my emotional buckets replenishing. This trip marked the beginning of a new effort in a new year to re-center myself and regain balance. I am learning that finding balance is an acquired skillset as much as learning to code or becoming a great cook. Becoming better requires mindfulness, practice and grace.

Books are an important part of this personal journey. Here are some titles I’ve especially enjoyed from Neill Public Library’s collections: Someday is not a day in the week: 10 hacks to make the rest of your life the best of your life by Sam Horn, The art of stopping time by Pedram Shojai and Getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity by David Allen.

As 2020 roars to life, I will seek out moments of stillness and continue my quest to strive for balance. If you are on a similar journey, I invite you to browse our bookshelves for inspiration. We have over 200 titles to help you take that first step.