Main Street Pop-up Trial

Main Street Pop-up Trial
Posted on 06/16/2020
City Maintenance crews plan to begin work in the Central Business District as early as June 17, 2020 to restripe and initiate implementation of a temporary pop-up demonstration for E. Main Street. The pop-up demonstration will remain in place this summer in order to try out some of the concepts from the Central Business District Master Plan.  The pop-up demonstration will convert the one-way (westbound) portion of E. Main Street (from Grand Avenue to Paradise Street) from three lanes to two lanes.  The extra space created will allow the existing parallel parking on the south side of E. Main Street to be reconfigured as back in diagonal parking.  In addition, a six-foot wide bike lane will be added along with a few ADA parking stalls.  Click the link below to see a map of the above referenced revisions to E. Main Street.

Map of the E. Main Street revisions

Please be aware of the changes and drive and bike safely.  Feedback during the demonstration is appreciated:

Background: Earlier this year Brian Scott of BDS Planning and Urban Design presented a summary of the Central Business District (CBD) Master Plan to City Council. The plan includes multi-modal elements, back-in angled parking, and presents ways to activate downtown streetscape and public spaces. Additionally, during a March 2020 regular meeting, Council approved a Complete Streets Policy ordinance further supporting consideration of multi-modal transportation elements with city projects, at the same time initial impacts of COVID-19 were beginning to be felt, hitting many local businesses particularly hard. A key element of COVID-19 response has been the concept of social distancing. This can present challenges for restaurants and other CBD businesses, because until Pullman reaches Phase 4 seating/store capacity will likely remain curtailed.

During development of the Master Plan it was mentioned frequently that pop-up demonstrations are a good, low-cost way to try out ideas and assess community support and functionality of any proposed traffic revisions. In response to COVID, many communities are also implementing parklets and streateries to increase outside seating availability in commercial business areas. The City is moving forward with implementation of the pop-up demonstration for East Main Street, while continuing to consider putting into practice a parklet(s).

As East Main Street is a state highway, city staff have coordinated with WSDOT’s Eastern Region office in Spokane on this concept. WSDOT staff are very supportive and have assisted city staff with ideas and brainstorming.

CBD Master Plan Pop-Up: The proposed revisions include: reducing East Main Street from three lanes to two lanes; back-in angled parking along the south side of East Main Street from just west of the intersection of East Main Street and Paradise Street, to Grand Avenue; and a protected bike lane along the south side of the street. Plastic barriers will be used to separate the protected bike lane from the back-in angled parking.  In the CBD Master Plan the bike lane is shown on the north side, however for the trial it is easier to implement with the bike lane on the south side. It is likely that if a permanent bike lane is constructed in the future it will be on the north side. The back-in parking stalls for this trial will be 9’ wide and 18’ deep, which matches the minimum dimensions of a normal stall. However, unusually long vehicles, those longer than 18-feet should avoid using the diagonal parking so that they do not overhang into the vehicle drive lane.  The parallel parking spaces along the north side of East Main Street should be used by these longer vehicles.

Project Timing: The pop-up trial is expected to be in place through the end of September 2020.

Interested in how back-in angled parking works? Check out this great instruction provided by the City of Winnipeg, as they implemented a trial of their own!