Aquifer-Themed Pullman Transit Bus

Pullman Transit Aquifer-Themed BusWe are excited to share with you the newest addition to the City of Pullman Transit fleet.  Our new aquifer-themed bus features a stunning external wrap that abstractly depicts the Grande Ronde Aquifer, Pullman's source of drinking water, situated underneath the characteristic rolling hills of Pullman and the greater-Palouse region. The bus interior displays a number of posters aimed to not only educate riders about the Grande Ronde Aquifer and the City of Pullman's water usage, but also provide specific examples of ways to help conserve water. Suggested conservation measures focus on habit-changing practices (on both an individual and community-wide level) with anticipated water savings identified numerically and also in terms of how much resulting water would fit inside Washington State University's Martin Stadium.

As an example, decreasing your showers by just three minutes daily could save approximately 4,200 gallons per year; if one out of two Pullman residents were successful in this effort, the amount of water saved annually could fill Martin Stadium three times. This is a substantial amount of water savings when you consider that the City of Pullman annually pumps enough water to fill Martin Stadium forty-four times.

Want to know more? Take a look at all of the aquifer bus posters, as well the detailed assumptions and calculations behind them.
Pullman Transit Aquifer-Themed Bus

Press Release, July, 29, 2020
City of Pullman Unveils Aquifer-Themed Bus to Boost Water Conservation Awareness