Park Shelters

Reserve a Park Shelter for your next outdoor gathering of family and friends at one of these parks: Kruegel, McGee, Reaney, Sunnyside, and Terre View. The shelter and surrounding area can be reserved in 4-hour time blocks for $35 per time block.

Lawson Gardens, Pullman's premiere wedding venue, can also be reserved for your special day. Go online and book your date by clicking here for our online reservation option or call (509) 338-3227.

Rentable Park Shelters are available in the following parks:

Kruegel Park

The new shelter is up at Kruegel Park and reservations are back OPEN!  
Photo of Kruegel Park shelter going up

705 SE Dilke St (7.95 acres) Originally donated to the city in 1903 by William C. Kruegel, the park has a lovely grove of shade trees that border the spacious picnic shelter and BBQ area. Overlooking one tennis court and two Pickleball courts is an expansive playground which includes swings, slides, and climbing equipment. A small football field, little league baseball diamond, soccer field, volleyball standards and restrooms complete the facilities available at this lovely park. 

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Lawson Gardens


705 SE Derby St (13 acres) In 1985 Gerald Lawson, a local farmer, donated the land and development funds for this beautiful formal garden complex. The garden was dedicated in 1987 to the memory of his first wife, Alice. Oriented around a large reflecting pool and gazebo, seasonal plantings of colorful annuals accent the walkways and grassy area. In 1990 the Pullman Rotary Club donated funds for development of a circular rose garden which was planted in 1991-92 with 600 assorted rose bushes. The Perennial Garden was planted along the east side of the garden in 1991 and provides unique and colorful displays year round.

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McGee Park

 Picture of McGhee Park shelter

1220 NE Lybecker St (3.04 acres) Land for this park near W.S.U. was acquired in 1964. McGee park has a softball diamond and fenced basketball court for youth. The basketball court was donated by a Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ryan in 1980 to be enjoyed by the youth of the community. A large picnic shelter and BBQs are situated near the children’s playground and restroom facilities.

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Reaney Park/Reaney Park Pool

 Picture of Reaney Park shelter and swingsPicture of Reaney Park Pool and deck

690 NE Reaney Way (1.64 acres) In 1910 Reaney Park was the site of a roller rink and livery stable for W.S.U. students. The city purchased the park site from Albert and Phebe Reaney in 1904. The bandstand was constructed and native buckeye trees planted in 1915. As more land was purchased the first swimming pool was built (1917). Reaney Park is the home of the National Lentil Festival and the Reaney Park Concert Series on summer evenings. Our community’s only outdoor pools are located at the west end of the park and an extensive playground area wraps around the park perimeter. 

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Sunnyside Park

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147 SW Cedar St (25 acres) Home of Pullman’s yearly Fourth of July celebration, this expansive park rolls with the natural terrain of the Palouse. Cradled below grassy knolls are two ponds fed by a waterfall and connected by a babbling creek. Graceful willows dip into the ponds and is home to assorted ducks and turtles. Development of Sunnyside Park was completed with the help of I.A.C. Funds in 1974. There is a large picnic shelter and BBQ overlooking the ponds and an adjoining children’s playground. Two tennis courts, a little league baseball field, volleyball standards, disc golf course and trails complete the athletic facilities available. The south side of the park, previously a nursery, is now used for community gardens which are available for summer rental through the Parks and Recreation office.

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Terre View Park

 Picture of Terre View Park shelter

325 NW Terre View Dr (3.25 acres) The park was donated by Ed and Mary Schweitzer in 1999. The park includes a picnic shelter, playground, wetland pond area, and public restroom. 

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