PAC Recommendation on End Racism Now Mural

Pullman Arts Commission Recommendation on End Racism Now Mural
Posted on 02/16/2021
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Contact: Jeri Harris, [email protected]

The Pullman Arts Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Pullman City Council in making recommendations pertaining to all forms of the arts.  The Pullman Arts Commission now presents its recommendation on the End Racism Now mural to City Council for consideration at their regularly scheduled meeting of February 23, 2021.  

On November 18, 2020 the Arts Commission issued a call for artists under the theme “End Racism Now.”  It was stated the successful design would express solidarity to end systemic racism and spotlight the importance of diversity and inclusion within our Pullman community.  To be considered, works of art were subject to the following selection criteria:

  1. Be appropriate in size, scale and material for the outdoor environment in which it is to be placed.
  2. Be durable.
  3. Have a high resistance to vandalism.
  4. Be maintainable at a reasonable cost.
  5. Be screened for content prior to installation.

Seven entries from three artists were received by the deadline of January 19, 2021.  The public was invited to provide feedback for informational purposes via Facebook, email and physical mail through February 7, 2021. On February 1 and February 3, two of the more popular submissions were withdrawn from consideration at the request of individual artists.  The Arts Commission met on February 9, 2021 to discuss community input and review submissions as it determined its recommendation for City Council.  

After considerable deliberation, the Arts Commission recommends the Pullman City Council extend its call to artists for a period one month to include the original five works along with additional submissions for consideration.  The original artists are invited to resubmit their withdrawn works for consideration.  If the Pullman City Council prefers to select from the remaining original submissions, the Arts Commission recommends submission #5, “End Racism Now – Black Lives Matter” with the rainbow background.  

Given the low number of submissions received and the increasing awareness of this project within the community, the Arts Commission believes an extended call for artists could provide City Council with additional selections to consider.  The Arts Commission believes the benefit in providing City Council with additional selections could increase City Council’s confidence as it makes its final selection for this highly visible and meaningful public art project.  This would not affect a spring installation.