Proposed Veteran's Memorial Monument Park

Pullman City Cemetery

Veteran's Memorial Monument Park

The goal of this memorial is to create meaningful and lasting gratitude and respect for our veterans and to honor their memory. This is accomplished through the Experience of visiting the memorial. A hedge-lined walkway leads from the parking lot to Memorial Plaza; this walkway is punctuated with panels that remind us why veterans served: Duty, Honor, Country. The limited views created by the hedges will ensure a visitor's focus on those values. Once in Memorial Plaza, a visitor can study the Memorial Wall, participate in services, and visit the Memorial Columbarium. A walkway leads from the Plaza through a restored and peaceful native plant meadow. The Honor Grove is planted with white and red spring flowering trees to represent our Flag's stripes.

The memorial will also include:

Donor's Memorial Sculpture
Cemetery Kiosk
Country Panel
Donor Paving Tiles