New Adult Titles

New Adult Titles for June 26, 2021
Posted on 06/26/2021
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Cover of How to Raise a Feminist Son

How to 
Raise a Feminist Son

by Sonora Jha

Available as: print book

A love letter to her own son and to parents raising their own young men.  This book follows the struggles and triumphs of one single, immigrant mother of color to raise an American feminist son. From teaching consent to counteracting problematic messages from the media, well-meaning family, and the culture at large, the author offers an empowering honest insight and actionable advice.  Sonora Jha is a professor of journalism at Seattle University specializing in social justice movements and social media.  Part manifesto, instructional manual, and memoir, her research and personal narrative shows us all how to be better feminists and better teachers of the next generation of men.


You Are Your Best ThingCover of You Are Your Best Thing

edited by Tarana Burke & Brene Brown

What begins as a text between Tarana Burke and Dr. Brené Brown leads to the two of them teaming up to bring together a dynamic group of Black writers, organizers, artists, academics, and cultural figures to discuss the topics the two have dedicated their lives to understanding and teaching: vulnerability and shame resilience.  Burke and Brown are the perfect pair to curate this potent collection of essays on Black shame and healing. Along with the anthology contributors, they create a space to recognize and process the trauma of white supremacy, a space to be vulnerable and affirm the fullness of Black love and Black life.


Cover of We Are HereWe Are Here: Visionaries of Color Transforming the Art World

by Jasmin Hernandez

Available as: print book

It is hard to look away from this book and the vibrant visual invitation it offers.  It is a testament to the brave, vibrant, inclusive, creative, vulnerable, honest and bold expressive nature of art.  Art is communication, art is its own language and the telling of history, culture, personality, rage, trauma and joy.  Art is everything.