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Youth Titles
Posted on 08/28/2021
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Love by Sophia

Love by Sophia book cover

by Jim Averbeck & Yasmeen Ismail


Creative expression and perspective ignites conversation about art, effort and finding your personal style.  Sophia is having a creative moment but her inner critic throws down some obstacles.  Sometimes constructive criticism, even from within or those we love most, can be transformative for all and lead to greater inspiration and connection.  One of the most unique and clever books on art and kids.


Max Meow: Donuts and Danger &Max Meow: Cat CrusaderMax Meow: Cat Crusader

by John Gallagher

Available as: print book***two books***

Max Meow: Donuts & Danger book coverMax Meow is an action packed graphic novel series with a third book coming out in September. Mindy the Scientist and Max Meow face epic challenges together with science as their super power. 

  The cat puns are plentiful and the pacing of this book keeps pages turning at full speed.