New Titles 9/11/2021

Youth Titles
Posted on 09/11/2021
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National Regular Average Ordinary Day

by Lisa katzenberger
National Regular Average Ordinary Day book cover illustrated by Barbara Bakos

An absolutely cathartic and spot on book for the quarantine life we have all been experiencing.  How do you distinguish one day from the next and respond to the lethargic despair of boredom.  This book is full of creative perspective that we can all relate to.  Invite imagination into each day and see what unfolds and what new traditions and holidays emerge.


Oscar's American Dream book cover

Oscar’s American Dream

by Barry Wittenstein & Kristen and Kevin Howdeshell

The American dream unfolds and is told through the transitions of one corner store.  See history in a whole new way, look at your own historic downtown buildings in a new way allowing a personalized shift of occupancy.  Truly a memorable book.


We Disagree

by Bethanie Deeney MurguiaWe Disagree book cover

Meeting someone new is full of curiousness and inquiry.  How are you the same and what does it mean to have more ways of being different.  A playful banter  between these two leads to common ground where sometimes finding one small thing where both can agree is all that matters.