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Adult Titles
Posted on 09/04/2021
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Coming Home to Nez Perce Country
by Trevor James Bond
Available as: print book

When you visit a museum and see collections of Native artifacts on display, do you ever wonder how it was acquired?  Trevor Bond tells the story of one collection of Nez Perce items as it makes its way rightfully home to its Indigenous community thus examining the ethics of acquiring Native cultural history.  Through extensive interviews with Nez Perce experts and in depth archival research, we learn not only the story of this particular collection but are left examining a bigger conversation on the ethics of exhibits and collections of Native objects.  A regionally specific book with broader implications.


Fox & I, An Uncommon Friendshipcover of Fox & I
by Catherine Raven

Nature is a space that invites experiences of awe, wonder, solitude and reflection.  For Catherine Raven, at a pivotal moment in her life between completing her PhD and working full time in society, she finds herself living in an isolated cabin grappling with both physical and emotional isolation and loneliness.  A daily encounter with a fox offers a new kind of friendship and deeper understanding of herself, nature and ultimately that we are never alone when we are connected to the natural world. 


cover of Secret Seattle

Seattle Walk Report: Secret Seattle

by Susanna Ryan

You could live your entire life in Seattle and find something new to discover and learn on every page of this illustrated guide to the most offbeat spots in Seattle.  Part guided tour of uncommon locations and overlooked histories, this is an invitation to look at this PNW city through a new perspective.  Whether you choose to be an armchair traveler or make the trek, this book may also inspire you to look closer to the sidewalks, fire hydrants, utility covers and more in your own town.ilable as: print book