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Adult Titles
Posted on 12/25/2021
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Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could Be
by Nichole Perkinscover of Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could Be

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Through the vantage point of her own life, Nichole Perkins breaks down the ways that pop culture enhances and harms our lives.  A collection of essays that doesn’t hold back, covering everything from relationships to stereotypes, Miss Piggy and Janet Jackson, this book is fierce, fresh and vulnerable.  Ultimately reminding us to take the best of what pop culture has to offer and throwing away anything that harms us or doesn’t bring joy.

cover of Treehouses


by Philip Jodidio

Available as print book

A Taschen book of 50 fairytale treehouses from across the world that span the vast realm of architecture and creative style.  From lavish to simplistic, ultra- modern to spaceship, nest to cathedral, the unique examples in this book reinforce the imagination and remind us that the skies the limit and treehouses can be both functional, decorative, a primary home or a work of art. 

cover of Win Me Something

Win Me Something
by Kyle Lucia Wu

Available as: print book

A coming of age book that ultimately asks what it means to belong and how we must figure out who we are and how we will define our lives.  Willa Chen has grown up in the in between.  She is biracial Chinese American and doesn’t feel like she fits in at school where she is not Asian or white enough to fit in at school.  When her parents divorce, remarry and start new families she feels an outsider there too.  The loneliness follows her to college where she begins working as a nanny for a wealthy family.  It is here, witnessing up close all that she has yearned for that she finds herself re-examining her own life and who wants to define herself to be.