New Titles 1/1/2022

Youth Titles
Posted on 01/01/2022
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We Are a Garden: A Story of How Diversity Took Root in America
by Lisa Westberg Peterscover of We Are A Garden

Available as: print book

What if every child heard this story, understood the history of migration to this county and how we each have a story that defines our arrival.  What if we acknowledged the land rights of those who have always been here and who have been forced without kindness to share.  What if this history connected us and allowed healing for those who came without choice or were forced from their land.  What if we told this history together.


The Fox and the Forest Fire
by Danny Popovici

cover of The Fox and the Forest FireAvailable as: print book

Fox and child navigate new spaces, the unknown of finding home and the unexpected disruptions of life and fires.  A stunningly calm and resourceful book that helps navigate uncomfortable conversations of change.


My Two Border Towns
by David Bowles

Available as: print bookcover of My Two Border Towns

A border runs between a family and their way of life in this book about a father and child navigating a day of errands, kindness, politics and privilege.  Without looking away from the challenges, this book invites conversation and compassion.  Books like this are often referred to as a window or a mirror, you may see yourself reflected on these pages or get a glimpse of understanding by seeing into someone else’s lived experience.