New Titles 2/5/2022

Adult Titles
Posted on 02/05/2022
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Unearthing the Secret Garden
by Marta McDowell

Available in: printcover of Unearthing the Secret Garden

A literary horticulture guide to the gardens in books we have loved and the connection between plants, authors and the guiding role they play in the storyline.  Using Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic, The Secret Garden as the framework, Marta McDowell plants seeds of further thinking and curiosity about the gardens in literature including authors like Beatrix Potter, Emily Dickinson and Laura Ingalls Wilder. A reading gift for those that appreciate the “story behind the story”.



Camas Prairie Railroad
by Robert Perret & Amy Thompson

Available in: print

A new addition to the Arcadia Publishing’s Images of Rail series.  You may recognize this publisher from their other series that showcase and connect us with place and region-specific history. They also have a book on Moscow and Pullman from their Images of America series.  The Camas Prairie Railroad was a 300-mile long section of railroad that transported wheat and lumber to the greater system of rails reaching all the way across the entire United States and was a joint project between the Union Pacific and Northern Pacific Railroads.  While this entire historical section of railway is no longer in use, it leaves behind a historical museum of artifacts that are peeks into the past.


Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance
by Jessamyn Stanleycover of YOKE: My Yoga of Self -Acceptance

Available in: print, eBook

People find their way to the yoga mat for many reasons, each taking a different path whether spiritually, physically, culturally, or because of a particular style or teacher.  Yoga is not limited to the limber, fit and flexible but also for those seeking connection, deep meditation, strengthening, healing and mindfulness.  Jessamyn’s book is a deeply honest memoir and also a guide to practice in new ways and for creating space for intersectional yoga that is accessible to all bodies while also addressing issues like racism, cultural appropriation, materialism and a tool for self-love.  Yoga is so much more than a sun salutation or downward dog, but about what can be learned on the mat that applies to life.