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Posted on 02/19/2022
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Manifesto: On Never Giving Up
by Bernardine Evaristocover of Manifesto: On Never Giving Up

Available in: print and eBook

Manifesto is both an unconventional memoir and reminder of the potential of human achievement.  At 62, Evaristo reflects on her accomplishments, upbringing, and draws the reader into conversations on identity, racism, aging, sexuality, and literature.  Her writing is both contemporary in content and imbued with her tremendous research and study of history and how whoever is holding the pen, often determines what is written and erased. 


cover of 2-Ingredient Miracle Dough

2-Ingredient Miracle Dough Cookbook: Easy Lower-Carb Recipes for Flatbreads, Bagels, Desserts and More
by Erin Mylroie

Available in: print

This cookbook is creating quite a buzz at the library.  The secret ingredients are Greek Yogurt and self-rising flour.  Self-rising flour can easily be made at home using regular flour, baking powder and salt.  Bready recipes are now packed with protein, healthier and no longer need to rise.  These staff tested and tasted recipes are getting raving reviews from the pizza crust to cinnamon rolls.  This technique can also be made vegan and gluten free with equal easy and satisfying texture, flavor and simplicity. 


Composting for the Absolute Beginner: How to Improve Your Soil for Better Organic Gardening
by Dede Cummingscover of Composting for the Absolute Beginner

Available in: print

This is the compost book for anyone who still isn’t composting or wants to compost inside, troubleshoot their compost or explore the topic more.  This is a comprehensive guide that covers a wide range of compost methods, and how to adapt them to your particular lifestyle and space.  The easy-to-follow instructions alongside full-color photographs make this book an essential read for gardeners.