New Titles for 5/7/2022

Adult Titles
Posted on 05/07/2022
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In Love: A memoir of love and losscover of In Love: A Memoir of Love and Loss
by Amy Bloom
Available in: print

A heartbreaking memoir that confronts end of life decisions.  Amy Bloom becomes increasingly concerned when her husband Brian chooses to retire early, withdraws from friends, family and things he had enjoyed throughout his life and their marriage. An MRI leads to devastating news and Brian is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  In confronting the prognosis and the impact on the lives they had planned together, Brian makes a definitive decision to go to a clinic in Switzerland that allows a person to end their own life with dignity and peace. An unforgettable story of marriage, love and the choices regarding how one lives and dies.


cover of Korean AmericanKorean American
by Eric Kim
Available in: print

This is a cookbook to read from cover to cover and a story of family, food, identity, “these recipes explore the tension- and the ultimate harmony- between the Korean in me as well as the American in me.  I am at once both and neither, and something else entirely: I am Korean American.” Some recipes that caught our eye that really exemplify the fusion cuisine of this cookbook: Cheesy Corn and Ranch Pizza with Black-Pepper Honey, Cheseburger Kimbap, Yangnyeom Roast Chicken, Mac-and-Corn-Cheese with Jalapeno Bread Crumbs, Sheet-Pan Japchae with Roasted Mushrooms and Crispy-Lemon-Pepper Bulgogi with Quick-Pickled Shallots.  Check this book out and let us know what you make.


Time is a Mothercover of Time is a Mother
by Ocean Vuong
Available in: print, eBook and eAudio

Ocean Vuong is an award-winning poet, author and recipient of the 2019 MacArthur “Genius Grant”.  Time is a Mother is an intimate, vulnerable and grief stricken collection of poetry written in the aftershocks of his mother’s death.  Boldly written, in the face of exhausting internal pain and external reckoning of the violence of being Vietnamese in American and generational trauma. Vuong’s voice on the page feels like breathing through anguish into living in joy.