New Titles for 6/4/2022

Adult Titles
Posted on 06/04/2022
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Taste Tibet
by Julie Kleeman & Yeshi Jampacover of Taste Tibet

Available as: print book

Some cookbooks you just read from cover to cover.  Woven between these nourishing simple and seasonal recipes are stories of family and quotes that will resonate.  Julie and Yeshi are a husband/wife team who have taken the traditional recipes they serve in their restaurant and food stall and invite this food into your home.  From cheesy momos to buckwheat pancakes, these recipes come together with minimal effort and an invitation for mindful and community sharing of food.


cover of Circa

by Devi Laskar

Available as: print book

A coming of age book that follows Heera, a young Indian American woman as she navigates a sudden tragedy.  In the aftermath, Heera must grapple with her duty to family, the complicated legacy of grief and ultimately her own obligation to herself and her future.  A gripping book that is an irresistible love story that transcends yet includes one devastating night that changed everything.


Bomb Shelter: Love, Time and Other Explosivescover of Bomb Shelter
by Mary Laura Philpott

Available as: print book

Mary Laura Philpott’s penchant for worrying is endearing and comical to read and yet to mother in a state of stress proves to reach a breaking point when her son’s diagnosis upends her remaining sense of safety.  If this bad thing can happen, then what else awaits? Be prepared to laugh and cry simultaneously with each turn of the page.